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11. "Inspiration Borrowed from Others" - Accusations or points raised ...
... without giving credit and still be considered divinely inspired, then the Bible is not inspired! Surely Jeremiah Films could not have known that this video they were making at the behest ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/jeremiah-films/response-to-video-101.htm - 20k
12. The Word "Church" in the Old Testament
... oath concerning him that came not up to the LORD to Mizpeh, saying, He shall surely be put to death." (Judg. 21:5) "And they said, What one is there of ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/church-in-old-testament.htm - 21k
13. The Word "Church" in the Old Testament - A Complete List
... the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the ... I the LORD have said, I will surely do it unto all this evil congregation, ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/church-in-old-testament-2.htm - 73k
14. Making Moslems Mad: Is "Left Behind" to Blame?
... resulted in books and movies about the demolishing of one of Islam's holiest shrines. Surely this is no way to befriend Moslems. ... Making Moslems Mad: Is "Left Behind" ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/current-events/left-behind-islam-moslems.htm - 19k
15. The French Revolution in Prophecy
... yet a prophecy. They could have no national prejudice, for they were from different nations. Surely, we must admire their harmony, and the power and goodness of God, in thus giving ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/french-revolution.htm - 26k
16. Immortality: Conditional or Innate?
... day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die" (Gen. 2:17). "God hath said, ... said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die" (Gen. 3:3, 4). "And the ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/immortality.htm - 84k
17. Pope Sixtus V: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
... last hopes vanishing for ever, heard Montalto proclaimed Pope under the name of Sixtus V; surely the darkest horse that ever won the pontifical stakes. It is recorded that immediately after ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-sixtus-v.htm - 24k
18. When Were the Sabbatical Years? (Additional Material)
... a part of a Sabbatical season, for surely the Idumeans by now appear to have ... existent harvest of a sabbatical year, then surely there would be large stores of grain ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/sabbatical-years-more.htm - 105k
19. When Were the Sabbatical Years?
... this Talmudic selection, the differences between a plain note and a folded note are discussed: Surely the date of the one [deed] is not like that of the other; [for in ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/sabbatical-years.htm - 45k
20. Pope Benedict XIV: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election. ...
... Young Pretender in his disastrous expedition of 1745. If such was the case he would surely have made some attempt to intercede for the Catholic clergy who suffered so severely in ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-benedict-xiv.htm - 26k

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