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31. In Search of Valérie Pirie, Author of The Triple Crown
... now part of the Octopus Publishing Group. Eventually we got a hold of the right person at Hamlyn, and were told the following: Many thanks for your enquiry regarding The Triple ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-valerie-pirie.htm - 17k
32. Making Moslems Mad: Is "Left Behind" to Blame?
... one regarding the dating of the sixty-nine weeks. My guess is that the average person wouldn't have a clue about the dating. "Who would you suggest I ask? "Thanks. " ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/current-events/left-behind-islam-moslems.htm - 19k
33. Pope Alexander VI: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election. ...
... and lack of experience; as though Dr Faustus, instead of being rejuvenated in his own person, found, standing at his side, the reincarnation of his youth, buoyant with all his own ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-alexander-vi.htm - 18k
34. Pope Pius VIII: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
... and position, and partly to his own strange forceful personality. He was not a lovable person; miserly, cynical and so dirty and ill-kempt that he was commonly known as "the ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-pius-viii.htm - 21k
35. Table of Accusations Covered in of "A Response to the Video," Whether ...
... tradition. She pressured people into submission. She publicly aired reproofs sent to people. Usually the person conformed . . . . . . under the pressure. The type of pressure she used is one of the marks ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/jeremiah-films/response-to-video-table-of-accusations.htm - 37k
36. Pope Clement IX: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
... brother's. Unlike Spain, France had sent out a clever and active representative in the person of the Duc de Chaulnes, who, besides being supplied with bribes and money galore, had ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-clement-ix.htm - 23k
37. Pope Pius III: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
... He sent Michelotto, the captain of his guards and his âme damnée, to secure the person of the Cardinal Treasurer. At the point of the dagger that official was compelled to ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-pius-iii.htm - 24k
38. The Word "Church" in the Old Testament - A Complete List
... 1) "That the slayer that killeth any person unawares and unwittingly may flee thither: and ... sojourneth among them, that whosoever killeth any person at unawares might flee thither, and not ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/church-in-old-testament-2.htm - 73k
39. An "Angel" Named Yahweh
... sojourn. God and the "Angel" are again talked about as if they are the same person. The "Angel" and Stephen's Sermon And when forty years were expired, there appeared to ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/angel-yahweh.htm - 34k
40. Pope Pius VI: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
... he did to the adornment of his person and the enhancing of his good looks. ... the faithful a better view of his person as he lifted his arms to bless ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/triple-crown-pius-vi.htm - 43k

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