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1. church-in-old-testament.htm
Click to continue: http://www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/church-in-old-testament. ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/church-in-old-testament.htm - 0k
2. The Word "Church" in the Old Testament
The Word "Church" in the Old Testament The Word "Church" ... Verses Introduction Ekklesia, the Greek word translated "church" in the New Testament, is often used ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/church-in-old-testament.htm - 21k
3. Dispensationalism & Israel
secret rapture. We are living in the church age during which salvation is dealt with ... Prophecies About Israel Some of the Old Testament prophecies regarding Israel appear not to be ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/dispensationalism-israel.htm - 13k
4. List of Research Papers
Angel' Named Yahweh." Repeatedly in the Old Testament we have an angel appearing who claims ... Christ? "The Divine Christ in the Old Testament." Gives briefly the evidence for Christ's ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/ - 18k
5. "Unto 2300 days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
corresponds to the cleansing of the Old Testament sanctuary on Yom Kippur, the Day of ... 14:17; Lev. 16). In the Old Testament sanctuary services, the sins of the sinner ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/cleansing-of-the-sanctuary.htm - 15k
6. Making Moslems Mad: Is "Left Behind" to Blame?
as I got ready to leave for church, it suddenly hit me. How utterly stupid! ... place after a secret rapture of the church. Once the church was out of the ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/current-events/left-behind-islam-moslems.htm - 19k
7. The Meaning of 666
be found in official documents of the Church of Rome. It appeared in the famous ... Two years later I entered the Evangelical Church ministry, but later in life I united ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/666.htm - 25k
8. An "Angel" Named Yahweh
Father Has Never Been Seen The New Testament is clear. No one has ever seen ... Jn. 4:12) Sometimes people in Old Testament times saw the Lord GOD. Since no ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/angel-yahweh.htm - 34k
9. A Biblical Basis for the Doctrine of the Investigative Judgment
illustrate the closeness between Christ and His church, but this does not authorize us to ... but I speak concerning Christ and the church. (Eph. 5:31, 32) Flee fornication. Every ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/investigative-judgment.htm - 39k
10. The Righteousness of Christ in the Law
much trouble by causing dissension in the church at Corinth. They were continually presenting the ... away in the reading of the old testament; which veil is done away in Christ. ...
www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/righteousness-of-christ-in-the-law.htm - 17k

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