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Publishers of the popular cookbook:

100% Vegetarian, eating naturally from your grocery store

Order your copy online today by clicking on the cookbook's image.

We offer other books and material, including research papers of interest on theological and scientific topics. Surf around. More will be posted at this site as time goes on. 

Shipping internationally is no problem, though not as inexpensive as it used to be.

Julianne Pickle has authored a simplification of Dan Gabbert's excellent Biblical Response Therapy, entitled Hope for the Heart, Christ's Response for Me.

For those who have appreciated the critique of Jeremiah Films' video posted on this site, the material, revised and edited, is available in book form for just $9.95. Quantity discounts are automatically calculated on quantities of 5, 10, and 30.

An interesting paper is posted in our Research Papers section entitled, "When Were the Sabbatical Years?" It shows how historical documents tell us when the sabbatical years were, and how this has a bearing on Daniel 9's 70 weeks.

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