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Depression: The Way OutEscaping a Dark Disease

Depression: The Way Out

by Neil Nedley, MD

This book is an exceptionally high quality hardback. 8 x 10 inches and 266 pages in size, it has over 200 full-color charts and illustrations. Throughout the book there is an abundance of references to the latest medical studies on depression. And to top it all off, it's easy to read and understand. All for $38.95.

In his unique position as an internal medicine specialist, Neil Nedley, M.D., approaches the problem of depression from a health-based viewpoint. Instead of merely medicating the symptoms of depression, Dr. Nedley has sought to find a cure for this lonely illness in his book, Depression: The Way Out.

In his familiar and straightforward writing style, Dr. Nedley gives you an in-depth comprehension of how depression affects the body mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Depression: The Way Out explores how our brain - the part of our body that makes us whole - can become the component that makes us miserable. With each chapter, Dr. Nedley clarifies the causes of depression and the effects it has on a person, how nutrition and lifestyle play important roles, and the medications and herbs used for treatment with their benefits and side-effects. Proven techniques to control stress are also revealed.

For those in the grip of this dark disease, Dr. Nedley brings hope with his successful twenty-week cure that has brought relief to so many of his patients.

Using the latest medical and scientific information, Depression: The Way Out provides an innovative outlook on this much-discussed disease. Don't miss this fascinating book!

Chapter titles include:

  1. The Marvelous Mind and the Invisible Disease
  2. Depression's Hidden Dangers
  3. What Causes Depression?
  4. Healthy Food, Better Mood: Nutritional Treatments for Depression
  5. Lifestyle Treatments for Depression
  6. Herbs and Medications
  7. Stress and Anxiety
  8. Stress Without Distress
  9. The Frontal Lobe of the Brain
  10. The Twenty-Week Cure

From the preface:

A New Approach

At this point, I began to utilize a new approach on my own patients with depression. Instead of just accurately diagnosing them and immediately placing them on medication to counteract depression, I did an investigative work-up to determine the actual causes of their condition. I then put a treatment plan in place that dealt with these underlying causes. The results were truly amazing. In just 20 weeks the vast majority of my depressed patients were no longer dependent on drug medications, counseling, or even follow-up visits with me! Yes, they are truly cured from this dark condition. My desire is that you, the reader, will enjoy this book and find its information useful, practical, and motivating as you discover Depression: The Way Out.

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