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The passion of Love
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The Passion of Love

by E.G. White

Not even Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of Christ, can match the breathtaking detail and power of this beautiful volume, The Passion of Love. Composed of the final thirteen chapters of the bestselling book on the life of Christ, The Desire of Ages, The Passion of Love is a gripping and unique narrative from one of Christianity's most-published writers.

The Passion of Love goes beyond the physical suffering and explores the deeper spiritual significance of Christ's sacrifice. You'll not only understand more about the intricacies of Jesus's suffering, but you will also learn of a greater suffering that no insult, no lash, no nail could ever inflict.

Chapter titles:

  1. Gethsemane
  2. Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas
  3. Judas
  4. In Pilate's Judgment Hall
  5. Calvary
  6. "It Is Finished"
  7. In Joseph's Tomb
  8. "The Lord Is Risen"
  9. "Why Weepest Thou?"
  10. The Walk to Emmaus
  11. "Peace Be Unto You"
  12. By the Sea Once More
  13. "To My Father, and Your Father"

A Selection from the chapter "Calvary," about the crucifixion:

"The Saviour made no murmur of complaint. His face remained calm and serene, but great drops of sweat stood upon His brow. There was no pitying hand to wipe the death dew from His face, nor words of sympathy and unchanging fidelity to stay His human heart. While the soldiers were doing their fearful work, Jesus prayed for His enemies, 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.' His mind passed from His own suffering to the sin of His persecutors, and the terrible retribution that would be theirs. No curses were called down upon the soldiers who were handling Him so roughly. No vengeance was invoked upon the priests and rulers, who were gloating over the accomplishment of their purpose. Christ pitied them in their ignorance and guilt. He breathed only a plea for their forgiveness,—'for they know not what they do.'

"Had they known that they were putting to torture One who had come to save the sinful race from eternal ruin, they would have been seized with remorse and horror. But their ignorance did not remove their guilt; for it was their privilege to know and accept Jesus as their Saviour. Some of them would yet see their sin, and repent, and be converted. Some by their impenitence would make it an impossibility for the prayer of Christ to be answered for them. Yet, just the same, God's purpose was reaching its fulfillment. Jesus was earning the right to become the advocate of men in the Father's presence.

"That prayer of Christ for His enemies embraced the world. It took in every sinner that had lived or should live, from the beginning of the world to the end of time. Upon all rests the guilt of crucifying the Son of God. To all, forgiveness is freely offered. 'Whosoever will' may have peace with God, and inherit eternal life."

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