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Meet the Holder of the Copyright of

Jeremiah Films' Video Against Seventh-day Adventism

by Bob Pickle

[To view the extensive critique of Jeremiah Films' video against Seventh-day Adventism, exposing the multitude of factual errors, inaccuracies, and attacks on Scripture contained in the video, click here.]

Jeremiah Films has been well known for its hard-hitting videos that it has been producing for many years. I myself have previously enjoyed the videos I have seen. However, after seeing their video against Adventism, which at the end says that they hold the copyright, and recognizing so many errors in the video, I began to wonder how accurate their other videos were as well.

And I am not the only one. Last August a lawsuit against Jeremiah Films, its owner Pat Matrisciana, and Citizens for Honest Government went to trial. Two police officers who were accused on the video Obstruction of Justice of murdering two teenagers decided to sue Pat Matrisciano. The jury decided that there really wasn't enough evidence to support the allegation, and $598,750 in damages were awarded the two officers.

I first made contact with Jeremiah Films about my concerns regarding their video on Adventism on October 13 and 14, 1999. The lady I talked to was kind. She informed me that they really couldn't help me, since they had not done the research for the video, but had only done the filming. She expressed surprise that the selections from Solemn Appeal  used on the video could easily be seen from the book to not be by Ellen White.

She told me to call MacGregor Ministries, and after what seemed like being yelled at, I called Jeremiah Films back. She did give me the number of Mark Martin's church, where I talked to someone who said he would get back to me but never did.

I called Jeremiah Films again on January 3, and then three times on January 13. This time I talked with Brian. My wife and I were going out to California to visit her ailing grandmother, who just happened to live about 20 miles from Hemet, headquarters for Jeremiah Films. I thought maybe I could sit down with someone and show them my material discrediting the points in the video.

Brian avoided the idea. (After all, they didn't do the research, and they really couldn't help me. The best one to help me was Lorri MacGregor (a self-admitted non-expert on Adventism), Jeremiah Films had said). When he found out that I was coming from Colorado, he highly recommended that I sit down with Pastor Mark Martin in Phoenix, who was supposed to be able to help me.

I called Martin to set up an appointment. Martin refused to even talk to me, but through the receptionist said I could write a letter to him. So I called Jeremiah Films back. Brian said he could understand why I would feel frustrated when getting answers like that. He told me to write up what what I had and fax it to them, and they would fax it to those who put the video together to get a response. I offered to drop it by when I was out to California, but he said faxing it was better.

So I wrote out 29 points on 10 pages, all the time thinking, Why is this so hard? Why am I getting the run around? It's not my video. Why am I having to do all this work? 

I finished it at 12:30 am the morning we were to leave. We left at 6:30 am. I didn't get it faxed. So Thursday, January 20, I drove down to Hemet to find Jeremiah Films. I decided I wouldn't bother them, but just drop it by.

Going into a mobile home parts place, I borrowed a phone book. To my surprise, there was only a P.O. Box listed. I asked the man, Do you know where Jeremiah Films is? He didn't. He called. They wouldn't give him an address. Then I called. I explained that I just wanted to drop my ten pages by. Company policy: no visitors for any reason under any circumstances.

That was it for me. I went to the post office to mail the ten pages to them. I added a handwritten note saying that I was through with this dialoging, unless they showed some interest themselves in pursuing it further.

To date I have received no reply whatsoever from them.

[To view the extensive critique of Jeremiah Films' video against Seventh-day Adventism, exposing the multitude of factual errors, inaccuracies, and attacks on Scripture contained in the video, click here.]

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