Every ingredient in the cookbook is at your grocery store. $7.95. Great Cookbook
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Eating Naturally from Your Grocery Store100% Vegitarian, Eating Naturally from Your Grocery Store

For just $7.95, this cookbook can be yours. It's easy to follow and inexpensive.

You pick up a vegitarian cookbook and what do you find? Ingredients you've never heard of before from stores you've never been to before. Sound familiar?

The author of this cookbook, while living in Troy, Alabama, found it difficult to convince those mildly interested in vegitarianism to travel all the way to Montgomery to the nearest health food store. So she wrote this cookbook in order to provide the slightly interested with something doable for them. 

If you can't find the ingredients in your local grocery store, they just aren't in this cookbook. That's almost all there is to it, except for one thing: Your grocery bill for these delicious, mouth-watering recipes will be a lot lower than if you had to buy specialty ingredients at a specialty store.

107 recipes fill its 120 pages. Find help with breakfasts and main dishes, salads and dressings, sauces and spreads, vegetables and desserts, soups and breads. There's also a section on meal planning and a section on reasons to consider vegitarianism.

The binding allows it to lay flat while you work. The cover is laminated so you can easily wipe it clean, which is mighty handy in the kitchen.

Have any friends you want to introduce to vegitarianism? Give this cookbook as a gift. The fact that every ingredient of the recipes is readily accessible at your friend's local grocery store will help persuade them to try out this healthy lifestyle.

Over 17,000 of this handy culinary masterpiece have sold to date. Buy yours today!

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