Excellent material in support of a young earth. The Young Age of the Earth
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Creation Theory: Science or Myth?

What Every Evolutionist Needs to See!

Solid Evidence for a Young Earth!

In the ongoing debate of creation vs. evolution, a major question is whether there is any scientific evidence at all for creation theory. These two videos settle that matter, presenting some of the best evidence available for creationism.

What makes these videos so powerful is that they present hard, scientific evidence which strikes at the very foundations of the presuppositions behind evolutionary theory. 

Make no mistake about it. There are presuppositions without which evolution crumbles. Apply the scientific method to those presuppositions, and they vaporize.

Just because the creation story of Genesis pictures a God involved doesn't mean there isn't any evidence backing up creation science. 

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The Young Age of the Earth

The Young Age of the Earth is a 76-minute video (VHS or DVD in NTSC format) demonstrating how a created, young Earth, is compatible with a myriad of field evidences. Scientists Dr. Robert Gentry, with his son David, and Dr. Walt Brown, former professor at the War College, present the evidence, and explain its significance in terms the average person can understand. Hosted by Lonnie Melashenko (Speaker of The Voice of Prophecy). Just $20.95.

Coal & Oil Formation

Young Age of the Earth shows you how polonium halos in coalified wood indicate that coal formed rapidly. Modern experiments, one of which is repeated for your examination on the video, tell us just what kind of conditions are needed to form coal very rapidly instead of over millions of years.

The Grand Canyon

On Young Age of the Earth, footage of the Grand Canyon from both ground and air illustrate for you features which call into question the idea that the Colorado River carved the canyon over millions of years. Catastrophically-driven water powerfully and rapidly eroded away the spillway tunnels at the Glen Canyon Dam during a recent flood. Called cavitation, Young Age of the Earth's footage of the results of this historical event demonstrate for you how the Grand Canyon formed rapidly. 


Young Age of the Earth explains how mass burial and deposition of millions of fish demands a theory of catastrophism similar to that required in the Grand Canyon. You'll find out what dinosaur tracks in the coal mines of Price, Utah, say about the real age of those dinosaurs.

Radiogenic Helium

Young Age of the Earth describes for you published evidence about deep drill holes in New Mexico. The granite samples pulled up from those holes contained zircon crystals. The helium retention of those crystals was way too high, and is impossible to explain except by a young Earth paradigm. 

Granite Formation and Polonium Halos

Young Age of the Earth gives a synopsis for you of the evidence of polonium halos, treated in greater detail in Fingerprints of Creation. These halos provide evidence that granite crystallized rapidly, and pose grave difficulties for the view that the planet's bedrock evolved over millions of years from a hot melt.

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Fingerprints of Creation

Fingerprints of Creation is a 33-minute video (VHS or DVD in NTSC format) detailing the evidence of polonium halos, making it as simple as possible for the average person to understand. Despite a number of attempts, this published evidence still hasn't been refuted. Hosted by Lonnie Melashenko (Speaker of The Voice of Prophecy). Just $20.95.

Polonium Halos

As Fingerprints of Creation demonstrates for you, polonium halos in granites are evidence that the earth formed rapidly instead of cooling over millions of years. Simply put, if it took millions of years, the polonium halos could never have formed. 

These findings about polonium halos by Dr. Robert Gentry passed peer review and were published in renowned scientific journals. On Fingerprints of Creation, you'll see the journals, as well as instrumentation similar to that used to gather the published data.

Explanatory Animations and Demonstrations

Since not everyone is a nuclear physicist, Fingerprints of Creation uses three-dimensional graphic animations to explain the process of nuclear decay that formed the halos. And other simple demonstrations are utilized to convey to you the basic scientific concepts under discussion.

Granite Formation

Other Material by 
Dr. Gentry:

Tiny Mystery

On Fingerprints of Creation, Dr. Gentry explains the history of theories on granite formation, and how evolutionary scientists have struggled in vain to arrive at a universally-accepted model of its formation. The polonium halos reveal that evolutionary scientists were looking in the wrong direction when they tried to show that granite cooled slowly over millions of years.

Guest Commentaries

Brief commentaries on Robert Gentry's research are given by Dr. Bruce Holman of Wisconsin Lutheran College, and Dr. Andrew Snelling from Creation Science Foundation of Australia. Dr. Snelling also comments on granite formation theories, presenting for you startling evidence that granite crystallized rapidly. Contact points between different types of rock show no mixing, contrary to what would be expected if one or the other were in a hot, molten state for millions of years.

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