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Natural Healthcare for Your Child
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Natural Healthcare for Your Child

by Phyllis Austin, Agatha Thrash, MD, and Calvin Thrash, MD

Natural Healthcare for Your Child is a must for those who'd like to learn about various natural treatments for a variety of childhood ailments.

The first 16 pages touch on how to give a physical examination, from birth on up. For example, how do you check the pulse of a young child, and what is normal? It might be 130 beats per minute at birth, and might drop to 105 by age 2.

Then follows a lengthy section covering 129 common childhood diseases, such as pink eye, chiggers, colds, flu, diarrhea, hyperactivity, and bed wetting, to name but a few.

Then starting at page 215, there's a section on 27 different simple treatments that can be given in the home.

The information in the book is supported by 720 medical references. If the table of contents wasn't good enough, two indexes help you find the information you need in the book.

About those 720 medical references, we took a look at the first page of 36 and found citations to JAMA, Pediatric Annals, British Medical Journal, Textbook of Pediatrics, Handbook of Pediatric Nursing, The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, Clinical Allergy, Annals of Allergy, Journal of Allergy, Medical Journal of Australia, Journal of Asthma, and Pediatrics. Thus we have all this information about natural remedies being supported by standard medical journals and textbooks.

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