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Creation's Tiny Mystery
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Creation's Tiny Mystery

by Robert V. Gentry

Creation's Tiny Mystery describes what has turned out to be some of the best scientific evidence in support of the Bible's accounts of creation and the flood. Millions of polonium halos in Precambrian granites could only exist if those granites crystallized instantly. They could not be there if those granites cooled over millions of years.

The text of Creation's Tiny Mystery describes the discovery of the significance of polonium halos in an easy-to-follow manner. Also covered is the struggle to get the scientific community to give this evidence a fair hearing, and the 1981 Arkansas Creation Science trial at which Dr. Gentry was a witness for the State of Arkansas.

The extensive appendix contains not a few of Dr. Gentry's published papers, and will be highly valued by those wanting to delve deeper into the scientific details of his discoveries, discoveries that include much more than polonium halos.

Here are some endorsements from the back cover:

Robert Gentry is a gifted scientist who ably communicates in this book the significance of his discovery of polonium halos in the earth's granites. I have the highest respect for his often standing almost alone in proclaiming this evidence in support of a young earth Biblical creation position. And I support his 20-year-old challenge, as yet unmet, to the scientific establishment that it produce in the laboratory even a fist-sized piece of granite, and the subsequent production of a Po-218 halo in it.

Stanley A. Mumma, Ph.D.
Professor of Architectural Engingeering
Penn State University

"Considering the heightened interest in scientific evidence for creation and evolution, scientists and students need to acquaint themselves with Robert Gentry's Creation's Tiny Mystery which speaks to such evidence to evaluate it for themselves. Gentry presents evidence that cannot be ignored by those who wish to do honest research and examine all aspects of the creation-evolution debate."

Jack J. Blanco
Dean of the School of Religion (Ret.)
Southern Adventist University

"Creation's Tiny Mystery is a fine documentation of the research of a tenacious, courageous scientist."

W. Scot Morrow, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Wofford College
South Carolina

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