The Great Controversy: Future in Advance. Astounding account of current events written over a century ago, based on Bible prophecy. Future in Advance
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Great Controversy
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E. G. White's Classic, The Great Controversy

Where is the U.S.A. headed? Will there be a one-world government and religion?

While the Czars still ruled Russia, and the Hapsburgs still reigned supreme in Austria, and Germany was a power to be reckoned with, this book predicted that the United States would leave its isolationism behind and become the end-time dominant world power.

Great Controversy's predictions about the role of the United States in last day events seemed incredible even just a few years ago, for not until the demise of the Soviet Union did the USA achieve the distinguished status of "Only World Superpower."

So will this book's other fascinating predictions about the collapse of religious freedom also take place? Time will tell, but since the predictions contained in its pages are only reiterations of the predictions of the Bible prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, it is most certain that time will tell the answer to be "yes."

Covers the history of the Christian era beginning with the fall of Jerusalem, and the Bible prophecies concerning that event. Describes the corruption of church and state in the Middle Ages, and shows how this too was a fulfillment of prophecy. Presents the godly heritage of the United States, and how Scripture predicts an apostasy from that heritage to the point that liberty of conscience will become a thing of the past. Depicts certain popular doctrinal errors that make society vulnerable to the last-day deceptions foretold in prophecy.

8 x 10, 272 pages.

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