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Steve Wohlberg:

Exploding the Israel Deception

The Left Behind Deception

Truth Left Behind

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Are False Interpretations of Prophecy

Deceiving Millions?

Are You About to Be "Left Behind"?

The Left Behind series and movie are immensely popular, and multitudes believe the theology it is based upon. But the underlying theories behind the Left Behind series were proven FALSE years and years ago. 

We're NOT talking about whether the rapture will be pre-trib or mid-trib or post-trib. We're not talking about whether the Antichrist will be a Romanian named Carpathia. We're talking about much bigger, more vital issues, not little petty details. 

What did a thirteenth century Catholic archbishop have in common with Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, and a host of others from a multitude of religious faiths? They all agreed in their interpretations of Bible prophecy regarding the identity of the Antichrist. And they were correct.

Yet what they believed is all but forgotten today, and the theology underlying Left Behind has taken its place. The end result is that multitudes are totally unprepared for what is about to happen.

Want to know more? You need to know more! Get the videos, DVDs, or the books. There's something here for every budget, from $2.95 on up. And as usual, this site doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

Jewish believer and Bible scholar, Steve Wohlberg, gets to the root of the problem, the role of Israel, in the excellent video/DVD series, Israel in Prophecy. He exposes the errors of Left Behind's theology in a way that you can understand. This five-video/two DVD set consists of ten 30-minute/five 60-minute programs covering the following five topics:

"The Shocking Principle of Two Israels"
"Israel and Jesus Christ"
"7 Years of Tribulation?"
"Titanic Truths about the Temple"
"Israel, Babylon and Armageddon"

Based on Wohlberg's book, Exploding the Israel Deception, this five-video/four DVD series Israel in Prophecy, is available to you for $39.95. Shipping is as low as $2.65. 

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Or if you prefer to read, get Steve's 128-page book, Exploding the Israel Deception, for just $5.95. Shipping for just it starts at $1.43.

In the foreword, Doug Batchelor, Director of Amazing Facts Radio and Television Ministry, writes:

As a Jewish Christian, I am deeply concerned about the widely accepted distortions regarding modern Israel and Prophecy. . . .

Steve Wohlberg courageously exposes these popular yet dangerous misconceptions in a clear and progressive style that is irrefutable for honest, Bible students. Pray, read, and then hold on to your seat!

Some of the chapter titles include:

2. "A New Look at Jesus Christ"
5. "The '70th Week of Daniel' Delusion" 
8. "1948 - An Unsinkable Doctrine?"
10. "When the Euphrates Runs Dry"
11. "Frogs, Fables, and Armageddon"
13. "144,000 Israelites Indeed"

This book was written before the Left Behind movie was released, so it's a bit discreet. Covering simple Bible truth, it avoids pinpointing by name the books and videos that are spreading these false concepts around. In contrast, Steve's 76-page book, The Left Behind Deception: Revealing Dangerous Errors about the Rapture and the Antichrist, holds back no punches as it deals directly with the Left Behind series and movie. It's just $2.95.

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Yes, hold on to your seat as you read:

"The Rapture - Is Anything Missing?"
"Unmasking the Antichrist"
"The Evil Empire of Jesuit Futurism"

Why are the teachings of Left Behind so dangerous? As Steve says:

"1) Christians are being taught they will "vanish" before the Tribulation and the rise of the Antichrist, thus they are not aware of the present activity of the Antichrist nor do they feel the need to personally prepare for Earth's final days.

"2) Christians are being taught they will have a second chance to be saved if they miss the Rapture. This can easily lead to spiritual laziness and the putting off of one's decision to follow Jesus Christ.

"3) All of the Bible's Antichrist prophecies, including the solemn warnings against worshiping the Beast, his Image, and receiving his deadly Mark (Revelation 14:9-12), are interpreted as having no relevance for the Church today. Yet these dangers may soon burst upon us with sudden and terrible force.

"4) When the real, non-fictitious, Biblical Antichrist makes his final move, enforcing the Mark of the Beast, many Christians will suddenly have to face issues which they hardly understand and for which they are unprepared."

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The Left Behind Deception is actually the first three chapters of Steve's 192-page book, Truth Left Behind: Revealing Dangerous Errors about the Rapture, the Antichrist, and the Mark of the Beast. If you want the whole scoop, get it for $6.95. 

Every one of this book's Bible-based chapters covers a topic it is absolutely vital that you understand, if you want to survive what is soon coming upon this world. Catch the titles of the additional six chapters:

4. "The Return of the Wounded Beast"
5. "The United States in Bible Prophecy"
6. "Talking Statues and the Image of the Beast"
7. "Microsoft and the Mark of the Beast"
8. "The Flames of the Martyrs Still Speak"
9. "New Babylon and the Shepherd's Call"

What have others thought of Steve's material?

Dear Steve Wohlberg, I just wanted to thank you for writing the book (The Left Behind Deception). This book has completely opened my eyes. All of your time, research, and knowledge of the Bible has helped me and my wife Carrie completely understand this issue. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication! I will pass your book on to others to help spread the TRUTH about the Antichrist(s)!!!! With the Love of JESUS CHRIST, --Steve & Carrie, Ohio 

Dear Steve, You asked that I let you know what I thought of your books after reading them. WOW! I prayed before reading them that the Lord would help me to understand what I was reading. I found myself crying so often that I was amazed, to the point that I would have to put them down wait until I could see again before picking them back up. I read both Truth Left Behind, and Exploding the Israel Deception ... I find that I'm so hungry for knowledge of Jesus Christ, that even now I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I just can't seem to get enough. Thank you so very much for your books, your thought and your prayers. May God be with you always and in all ways. --Liz

Whether you get the video or DVD set, one of Steve's three books, or all of them combined, get informed and know the truth about Bible prophecy and Left Behind!

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